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Synergy provides innovative and high performing connectivity services to a broad range of customer profiles, from residential complexes to schools, banks, insurance companies, hotels, and leisure venues. Established in 2009, a registered entity with the Puerto Rico Telecomm Regulatory Board, Synergy was created as a fast-performing fiber-optic internet service provider.

With a high-profile team of experts, we are poised to provide a VIP service to a highly distinguished clientele with customized solutions to meet the needs of our individual clients. With a focus on superior products and service quality, Synergy sets itself apart from any other Service providers in the market. We are considered in the industry as a Multiplay Boutique Service Provider, with a customer access network far superior to traditional access methods on the island.


We offer ultra-fast-speed and reliable broadband internet with superior customer care and service. You will enjoy a dedicated, secure, stable and low latency internet connection.

  • The bandwidth to power multiple devices at once
  • Seamless streaming, working, and gaming
  • Consistent speed, even at peak times
  • Enhanced productivity
  • High-speed consistent uploads and downloads
  • Quality video conferencing service
  • Better service levels and shorter/fewer outages

IP Telephony

90% savings on traditional voice solutions, you can get your own number to reach more than 150 countries at special rates. We have the products that fit your communication needs.

  • Increased accessibility
  • Complete portability
  • Higher scalability
  • Clearer voice quality
  • Flexibility
  • Voice service simplied
  • No maintenance
  • No upgrade or services
  • No equipments required
  • Advance calling features
  • Auto-attendant
  • Voice to email
  • 3 way calling

Calls to Puerto Rico + USA 48 states + Canada + Mexico - Unlimited

IP Television

No more cables and ugly installations. You will enjoy watching live TV with the best quality using the same fiber of your internet service. We offer you the choice of subscribing to the channels you really watch!

  • High Definition (HD) Channels
  • Integrated Services
  • Higher Functionality
  • Device Compatibility
  • Two-way Communication

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart home, connected home or home automation? We provide Internet of Things as-a-service, with software applications designed to provide you with end-to-end capabilities to address your needs.

  • Smart Access
  • Motion & Vibration
  • Vehicle, Asset & Pet Tracking
  • Smoke & CO2 Detector
  • Energy / Voltage Monitoring
  • Facial Recognition
  • Water Leak Detector
  • Panic Button
  • AC, Lighting & TV Control
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Air & Soil Quality
  • And more!


eFax service is the process of sending and receiving faxes in a digital format through your internet connection. The process converts your documents into data packets to transmit any file that can be attached to an email.

  • Email to fax and vice versa
  • Web to Fax access is through an URL
  • Incoming faxes are stored for 180 days
  • Outgoing faxes are stored for 30 days
  • Each fax can be approximately 40 pages or 10MB
  • Up to 4 attachments in each fax
  • Supported up to 10+ formats

We have a reliable GPON service delivery platform, with a cloud-based management system. Configuring residential or business services is easier than ever, with the simplified ONT-OLT architecture. This network was designed and built to offer a 3-Play solution to our customers without the need of any other carrier.

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